When Life Truly Isn’t Fair

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Suffering will come in some form, and you will search in vain for a reason why. You will not find some foolish action on your part that led to the suffering. You will not find yourself clinging in unrepentance to a sinful attitude or action where you could say the suffering is God’s wake up call. You might not be so foolish as to say, “I don’t deserve this!” because you know that for your sins you deserve far worse, but you might find yourself wondering, “If Christ took my sins and bore God’s wrath for me, then why am I going through this?”

A couple days ago I posted about how sometimes we face suffering because of our sinfulness, as a corrective, disciplining action from our loving God. But sometimes the suffering we face has nothing to do with our sin, except in sideways, sin-in-the-world-causes-suffering sort of way. What then?

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“This is, like, so unfair!”

How many times have you experienced this:

You fall into sin. Bad stuff happens as a result of your sin. You get angry, upset, depressed. You get mad at God – “God, why is this happening to me? I don’t deserve this!” You get angry at other people – “Why can’t you all just be more forgiving!” Maybe you try and sanctify it a little – “It isn’t God, it’s the devil. He’s so awful. He just makes life so tough!” Or it’s other people – “Everyone is out to get me. At least I have God.”

Then again, maybe you don’t know how many times you’ve experienced this because you don’t see the connection. So, let’s try this instead. How many times have you experienced this:

Your child – or a younger sibling, nephew or niece, or a child you care for – does something foolish and wrong. You enforce a consequence, or allow the child to experience the natural consequences. They get mad at you – “This is, like, so unfair!” They get mad at others – “Just leave me alone! You’re all so annoying!” Maybe they try and sanctify it – “The toy is naughty! The devil made me do it!” Or they blame – “It’s just that my brother was being so mean!”

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