We weren’t meant to do it alone

The other day my wife and I were having a conversation at the dinner table about our collective ignorance in dealing with our boys in their current stage of life. Meltdowns seem to be an almost daily occurrence as they try to redefine themselves and assert their individuality, most of which involves them choosing not to do what Mom and Dad ask them to do. Having sought some wisdom in a book on parenting yesterday, I found this saying:

“Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Sagacious though that saying is, we both had to chuckle at the fact that it gives little comfort to struggling parents. Why? Well, let me paraphrase a little:

“Parenting is a long, hard, grueling process that you’re really only suited to undertake if you have undergone extensive training and years of hard work. And even then, if you mess up at some point along the way, it will only make the rest of the process that much harder. And by the way, you won’t see the end or know how well you’re doing until you get there, so you can’t be sure if you did it right until it is too late to fix it.”

See what I mean?

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