What is “good”?

It’s Thursday. Time for some theology.

You hear it all the time, especially after some kind of tragedy has struck. “How could a good God do…?” or “I could never believe in a God who would let this happen!” or “This kind of thing is proof to me that there is no God.” Philosophers have used this to try and disprove the existence of God. Their argument goes something like this:

“God, by definition, is supremely good, all knowing, and supremely powerful. However, there is evil in the world. So, either God doesn’t know about the evil, in which case he is not all knowing, and thus not God; or he is incapable of preventing it, and thus not all powerful, and thus not God; or he is unwilling to prevent it, in which case he is not good, and thus not God. Therefore, the existence of evil proves that God cannot exist.”

The problem with all of this lies in the definition of “good” and “evil”.

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