A Paper About Prayer

This summer I had the privilege of taking a course through Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary called The Principles and Practice of Prayer, taught by Prof. John Brug. Excellent course. Lots of work, but it included good discussions and I feel I learned a lot about prayer. Which seems weird to think about when I say that, because shouldn’t prayer be simple? Yet we, in our foolish sinfulness, tend to complicate what God has made so simple.

As part of the course we were asked to write a paper, either on one of the topics the professor lined out or on our own topic. Of course, I’m always one to strike out on my own, so I came up with my own topic. And have been regretting it for the last few weeks. I probably bit off more than I could chew. But as of tonight it is done!

I post this paper here for your reading pleasure, in the hopes that you might find it of benefit. I’ll make two warnings: 1) it is a bit academic, since it was written for a master’s level course, but it really isn’t too dense, and 2) it hasn’t been graded yet, so it is of “untested quality.”

So, the paper: A Father Leads His Family In Prayer – Brandon Steenbock