Just Another Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday, but for many people in the world – and even our country – it is just another Sunday. Maybe they are getting together with family, maybe they are exchanging baskets of gifts or watching the kids go hunting for eggs. But in the grand scheme of their year it isn’t all that big of a deal.

But for Christians it is another story altogether. We gathered in droves this morning to celebrate our Risen Savior! We put on our best Sunday clothes, we smiled and hugged one another and wished everyone we could a “Happy Easter” because we are filled with joy today. We rose early for sunrise services and joined in fellowship over Easter breakfast, we sang hymns with full hearts and full voices. Our musicians gave their best to add to our worship, to give our best to Jesus, who died for us, and rose from the dead.

It is quite a lot of effort… for just another Sunday. Because, after all, that’s all it is.

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