“This is, like, so unfair!”

How many times have you experienced this:

You fall into sin. Bad stuff happens as a result of your sin. You get angry, upset, depressed. You get mad at God – “God, why is this happening to me? I don’t deserve this!” You get angry at other people – “Why can’t you all just be more forgiving!” Maybe you try and sanctify it a little – “It isn’t God, it’s the devil. He’s so awful. He just makes life so tough!” Or it’s other people – “Everyone is out to get me. At least I have God.”

Then again, maybe you don’t know how many times you’ve experienced this because you don’t see the connection. So, let’s try this instead. How many times have you experienced this:

Your child – or a younger sibling, nephew or niece, or a child you care for – does something foolish and wrong. You enforce a consequence, or allow the child to experience the natural consequences. They get mad at you – “This is, like, so unfair!” They get mad at others – “Just leave me alone! You’re all so annoying!” Maybe they try and sanctify it – “The toy is naughty! The devil made me do it!” Or they blame – “It’s just that my brother was being so mean!”

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What is “good”?

It’s Thursday. Time for some theology.

You hear it all the time, especially after some kind of tragedy has struck. “How could a good God do…?” or “I could never believe in a God who would let this happen!” or “This kind of thing is proof to me that there is no God.” Philosophers have used this to try and disprove the existence of God. Their argument goes something like this:

“God, by definition, is supremely good, all knowing, and supremely powerful. However, there is evil in the world. So, either God doesn’t know about the evil, in which case he is not all knowing, and thus not God; or he is incapable of preventing it, and thus not all powerful, and thus not God; or he is unwilling to prevent it, in which case he is not good, and thus not God. Therefore, the existence of evil proves that God cannot exist.”

The problem with all of this lies in the definition of “good” and “evil”.

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