I got him wrong

I have a secret to confess: For many years, every time I hear a U2 song I think, “I really like the sound of that. I wish I was a U2 fan. But I just don’t know about that Bono guy…” ¬†Weird thought, I know. See, more than ten years ago there was this Time magazine cover…

… and when I first saw it I snorted in derision and shook my head at the foolishness of a world always looking for another savior. At the time, I didn’t know much about U2 other than that I had more than a few high school friends who liked them and that Bono was apparently into more than just making music. Over the years when I would hear about Bono working on one campaign or another to feed the hungry, combat HIV/AIDS, or provide education to those in poverty, I always chalked it up to one more celebrity trying to find meaning in life by doing something good, missing the bigger picture of a relationship with Christ.

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