Let’s Start With a Question…

I often start any class I’m teaching with a question. It gets us thinking and talking.  I wrestled with how to start this blog, partly because I’ve always wondered if people really ever read the first post on a blog anyway.  I have occassionally, and usually I wish I hadn’t bothered.  It’s a little like going back and watching the first episode of an old sitcom; it’s alright, but you know by that point that there are better things to come.

However, there’s the OCD part of me that simply can’t punt this first post and just <insert random greeting and explanation about what I want to do with my blog>, so instead I’m going to ask a few questions:

  • What was the best piece of advice about marriage or parenting you ever got?
  • Where or how did you get that advice?
  • How has using that advice benefited your family?

Please share some thoughts in response to these questions in the comments area below.