“Women: Be Strong, Be Yourselves, but Don’t You Dare Be Traditional!”

The message of today’s powerful and influential women is this: “Girls, you can do anything! You can accomplish your dreams! Go out there and make your mark on the world! But if you choose to do so by suggesting that being a wife and a mother is a good thing, we’ll call you nasty names and tell everyone that they shouldn’t listen to you!”

This is reality for actress Kirsten Dunst right now, whose recent remarks about gender roles have landed her in some hot water with the feminist elite. Now, I’m not saying that Kirsten Dunst is necessarily the authority on how women should live; I wouldn’t call her the ideal role model. I think she’s a good actress, and I’ve enjoyed watching her when I’ve seen her movies. She has also made some mistakes.

But what she had to say was pretty good:

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Male Headship is about the Gospel

It’s Thursday, time for a little theology.

Recently Sheryl Sandberg, the Girl Scouts, and Beyonce teamed up with a few other high profile women to launch a campaign against the word “bossy.” Their idea is that the word is only really used in reference to girls and women who assert themselves, and thus it is a pejorative sexist term that should be eliminated from our language. After all, in their view of the world, women should be encouraged to assert themselves and rise up as leaders among their peers.

There are social and political implications in all of this that I’m not necessarily interested in addressing right now. But I would like to address one of the big, troublesome notions that comes along with this kind of progressive feminism, which is how it impacts the family and the church.

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