New Opportunity for Parents

For the last few years I’ve been using the PREPARE/ENRICH system in working with couples. I recently had someone share with me that after working with me and using this system, she and her husband really feel in love again and like they are friends again. Premarriage couples that I work with also feel like they are really confident going into marriage after working through it. This stuff works.

Which is why I’m super excited about a new thing that LifeInnovations – the folks behind PREPARE/ENRICH – have come up with. It’s the P/E Parent Version, and it works similar to the regular P/E system. The couple takes an online assessment which compares their answers and provides feedback – just like P/E – but the questions and the feedback relate to your parenting, to your concerns about your children, and to relations throughout the family, not just between husband and wife. The feedback will show you as a couple the strengths you have, the areas where you need to grow, and gives you some idea of your parenting style and what it means. It also helps identify the difference between normal kid behavior and legitimate concerns, and the things that most stress you out in your family life. Finally, it has a new workbook of activities and conversations to help couples grow.

I’m not trying to sell anything for LifeInnovations or P/E here. I’m just a really big fan of their stuff and I believe they know what they are doing. The Parenting Version has gone through its own research process to verify that it does legitimately work for people who use it. I’m eager to start working with it.

Here’s the good news for you – if you’re a member of my congregation, this is readily available to you. There is a cost ($35/couple), but any family that can’t afford that price right now but would benefit from it just needs to let me know about that, and we have funds to help. We want to help families grow. And if you’re not a member? Well, let’s talk. I have worked with premarriage couples via video chat, even people I had never met in person. I am willing to help, as my time allows.

I hope and pray this becomes yet another great opportunity to see families enriched and become stronger, and experiences more of the joys and blessings God has given to families. To learn more about PREPARE/ENRICH, go to their website:


A note: I don’t usually use my blog posts as a place to “sell myself”, so I want to be sure it’s clear that I don’t ask or expect payment for my services to any family as a counselor. I am a trained Pastoral Counselor with a Master’s in Family Life Education, and I work for a church as a Family Minister. As such, I serve on behalf of my church and my Lord, and take joy in doing so. 


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