Every parent should read this!

If you are a parent, or ever going to be a parent, or even if you know and interact with parents, you should read this article now:

Every parent is a teacher

I’m not trying to be dramatic. Seriously, this is just plain a great article. Go read it! Now! What are you waiting for? The only reason I didn’t copy and paste it into my blog is because it would be plagiarism and wouldn’t give Ms. Borgman the traffic she deserves. So go on! Read the article!

Ms. Borgman doesn’t touch on anything spiritual, but her wisdom applies to that dimension as well. Your child’s first Bible teacher is you. What you teach your children about God’s Word and what it means to be a Christian will have more impact on your child’s faith than what anyone else can teach. That includes the things you teach by example in every day life. So make a conscious effort to live it and teach it every day with your children.

I think my two favorite quotes from the article (besides every other quote from the article) are these:

When a parent abdicates the role of teacher and good things are no longer taught and reinforced in the home, peers without boundaries and a coarse culture with a ravenous appetite eagerly fill the vacuum.


There’s debate across the country right now over the Common Core State Standards, federal education standards for achievement. Every family has standards for achievement or a core curriculum as well…In some homes, parents implement a core curriculum of respect, kindness, apologies, appropriate language and helpfulness.

Can you imagine what might happen in our country and in our churches if every family was consciously and intentionally working on a core curriculum like that in their homes? What would that look like, and how might it change us? I’ll leave you with your thoughts…


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