Free Webinar: You Don’t Have to Parent Alone!

Last week I posted about the fact that we weren’t meant to do it alone when it comes to parenting. I guarantee I wrote that before seeing this offer of a free webinar; this wasn’t my attempt at a viral campaign or anything (if it had been, I think it would have failed).

The webinar information can be found here: You Don’t Have to Parent Alone! The webinar is on July 17th at 12:00 Noon, and will last an hour. It is FREE, and signing up just guarantees that you’ll get an email reminding you about it and quick access to the webinar when it takes place.

The Search Institute is offering what looks like a really good starting point for parents who are trying to build for themselves a support network. There is a lot of research that says that having a network of support is a major element of family resiliency.

The presenter, Eugene Roehlkepartain, is one of the foremost researchers at the Search Institute. He is also the one who has put together a lot of the information from the Search Institute pertaining to family strength and youth assets in relation to the church. I believe he will put together an excellent presentation.


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