The Day of Forgiveness

The other day I posted about forgiveness, and I talked about how the wisdom of God expressed in Proverbs 17:9 directs us to forgive one another.  I posted the Six Steps for Granting Forgiveness, and next week I will elaborate on each of those six steps in individual posts. For today, though, I want to remind you of the real source of our motivation to forgive one another.

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you.” -Ephessians 4:32

“In Christ God forgave you.”  Can there be any more amazing words?  Think about it – God is perfect.  He is holy.  He is righteous.  He is just.  He has every right to be offended by every infraction against his rules, and he has the right to punish us for them.  I know that it’s popular in our culture today to question God on this point. “How could a loving God punish people just because they…?”

What would you do if you built a table that didn’t stand up straight?  What would you do if you put together a computer that didn’t work?  What would you do if bought a car that wouldn’t start?  What do you do when your child breaks your rules?

Is it really that hard to understand?

He made us, he made rules for us, and he expects us to live up to them.  What should he do when we fail?

Yet, we are reminded today, this good day, this Good Friday, that what he should do is the opposite of what he did do.  Instead of punishing us, he punished the only one who actually kept all his rules.  He let Jesus take our place.


How could we not stand in awe? How could we not be so thankful that we would do whatever is asked of us?  How could we not love him?

Today is Good Friday, the Day of Forgiveness, the day your forgiveness was worked by Jesus.  So as you worship today, or meditate, or eat your fish sticks and french fries and color Easter Eggs in preparation for Sunday, remember that God chose not to do what he should do, and instead forgave you in Christ.


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